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08/01/2018, Club, LOL

At Movistar Riders we are strongly committed to League Of Legends and for this reason, we constantly work to improve both our team and the working structure. Because of this, we have started an innovation phase in the sports structure of the main team following the proposal of the Sports Performance Director Luis «Deilor» Sevilla.

Movistar Riders is building a structure proposed by Luis «Deilor» Sevilla, Director of Sports Performance, based on a team of ten players and with a sports staff that makes players develop their full potential and achieve maximum performance consistently. This proposal, as Deilor explained in his blog, is the following:

We believe that this is the way forward and that it will be the basis for the organisation of the big teams in the future.

We want to send this message to the League Of Legends community so that we can evaluate if there are people with the skills required to cover each of the profiles and we want to know if you are one of them. We have created a form/survey, included at the end of this document, to collect information from all those who think you can fit into the structure. In this way, in case we see that it is feasible to implement the desired organizational chart, you will have the option to be part of a possible future selection process. This will help us to get an idea of the profiles that exist on the scene, detect talent and see, not only if it is feasible to make the planned scheme as discussed above, but also to modify it according to the feedback received.

We are looking for different roles to complete our League of Legends structure. Will you be the one that make a difference?

Roles we are looking for:

League of Legends director

As a director you will be requested to:

  • Organize and ensure that every part of the League of Legends structure is working properly, everybody is coordinated and the people know perfectly their roles and what they will be requested for.
  • You will take part choosing talent both for the team and the staff. You will work directly and close to the sports director of the club.
  • Create feedback for the Sports director detecting necessities of the team and covering them.
  • Have a clear image of which is the role of each person participating in the league of legends staff, having a clear structure of how to divide the responsibilities
  • Have a deep knowledge of both the game and the organization of a team.
  • Have experience on coaching or be and expert on this field
  • Know the situation of the scene and be aware of the relevant information coming from the different competitions / teams.

Skills needed:

  • Leadership.
  • To be organized.
  • Knowledge of the league of legends structures/staff planification.
  • Coaching skills.
  • Previous coaching experience.

The League of Legends director would be required to take a full-time job and would live in Spain to work in our facilities.

Head Coach

As a head coach you should be and expert at:

  • Draft and compositions into the game.
  • Macro knowledge.
  • Communication system.
  • Ability to teach and develop the players, performance (both health and mental).
  • Organize and inspire people around you.
  • An expert on creating and following realistic goals.
  • Create documents to gather and transmit information.
  • Teamwork.

Skills needed:

  • Leadership.
  • To be organized.
  • Deep knowledge of the game.
  • Coaching skills.
  • Be able to teach people.
  • Good social skills to.

We highly value leadership and management skills as well as previous experience. You’ll be in charge of:

  • The 10 man roster
  • Designing the growth plans helped by the dev. coach
  • Report to the Lol director
  • Create plans and coordinate with the analysts team

The head coach would be required to take a full-time job and would live in Spain to work in our facilities.

Development Coach

As we will working in a 10 man roster it is important to ensure that all our players will grow and will improve every single day. This position is focus in what its name says: Development.

This coach will have to be sure and confident that all the players that go through his hands will be ready to grow and take the spot of playing in the official matches. Every moment the players could be moving from the front side to the back, your aim will be to move every player that comes next to you to the front side.

You will be focused mainly on creating a solid foundation for our players. You must be an expert in:

  • Micro game.
  • Lane phase.
  • Teamfights/Map movement.
  • Ability to teach it.
  • Prepare growth plans and execute them.
  • Report to the head coach and Lol director.

Skills needed:

  • Leadership.
  • To be organized.
  • Deep knowledge of the game.
  • Coaching skills.
  • Be able to teach people.

The development coach would be required to take a full-time job and would live in Spain to work in our facilities.

Positional coaches

The positional coaches will have the aim of improving our laning phase. They must be people with excellent knowledge of one or more position in the rift (Top, jungle, mid, bot) and able to detect mistakes while watching the players.

This person will be required to watch the scrims, create documents and give constant feedback to the players + coaches.

Duties specific to their role:

  • Matchups / Lane phase.
  • Micro.
  • Teamfight / Map movement.
  • Give feedback to both players after every scrim.
  • Create reports daily for the coaches.
  • Create SoloQ work plans.

The positional coaches would have a part-time job and they would work online.

Meta and soloQ analyst

Really important to stay ahead of the curve. Very important position:

  • Analyze SoloQ 10 man and create reports weekly.
  • Analyze SoloQ world looking for trends and create reports weekly.
  • Study competitive metagame and create weekly reports.
  • Theorycraft stay ahead of meta.

The analysts would have a part-time job and would work online.

Scrim analyst

Watch every game. Create a report after every game and ever session.


  • Macro.
  • Map movement.
  • Objectives.
  • Decision making.
  • Shotcalling.
  • Composition execution.
  • Help create individual and collective work plans.

This analyst would have a full-time job and would work online.

All those candidates who wish to be registered, must fill in the following form:

Movistar Riders – Contact form

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